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The mobile CO2 sensor offers you transparency about the quality of the air you are breathing - enabling you to optimize your health and mental capacities.

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of the world population breaths unhealthy air. Do you?

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Small, personal, portable. co2go is your health and wellness companion: In the office, at home, in school or comuting. Wherever you are.

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CO2: The invisible hazard for your body and mind.

Even though we never think about it, carbon dioxide is all around us. Odourless and colourless, people exhale it with every breath. Humans cannot detect rising CO2 levels in the air by theirselves. While it is not harmful at normal quantities, high levels of the gas can replace oxygen in the blood and impact how you feel and how well you think.

CO2 clouds your mind.

High CO2 levels in the air can limit your cognitive abilities.

At CO2 levels commonly found in offices, meeting rooms and schools, you may feel tired and indecisive or suffer from a loss of concentration.

CO2 makes you sick.

High CO2 levels in the air can cause a variety of symptoms.

Aside from symptoms such as headaches and dizziness caused directly by elevated carbon dioxide levels, there is increasing evidence that monitoring CO2 can be used to approximate the risks from airborne infection.

CO2 and Viruses

Carbon dioxide levels in buildings correlate strongly with the airborne spread of infection.

By keeping track of the CO2 levels in your surroundings, you can help to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from different viruses.

Learn more about health hazards in your air

Easy-breezy: How it works.


Simply connect the co2go to your cell phone or laptop.*


An easy-to-read traffic light system tells you about the CO2 levels in the air and the risk of health issues -
no app required.


If needed, open a window or ventilate and breath healthy and happily.

1x USB-A to USB-C adapter
1x USB-C to USB-A charging cable

Engineered and designed in Germany
Assembled in China

The co2go Desktop App

The desktop app and its ‘CO2-o-meter’ allow you to keep an eye on the development of local CO2 levels and offers more information about correlating impacts on your health and mental performance as well as tips about what to do to tackle rising levels. A real-time graph offers deeper insight into CO2 changes over an extended period.

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