The co2go App

The co2go app connects to your co2go device and offers a real-time visualization of the CO2 levels around you and their development over time. 

Breathing your best, means being your best! The portable CO2 sensor and its desktop app offer you transparency about the quality of the air you are breathing - enabling you to optimize your health, your well-being and mental capacities.
You can also use the sensor and the app as an alarm system for rising aerosol levels, indicating higher risks of air transimitted diseases.

Please be aware, that you can only use the co2go desktop app in combination with your co2go device.

The app and its real-time ‘CO2-o-meter’ allow you to keep an eye on the development of local CO2 levels. In the app you can also find more information about these levels and their correlating impacts on your health and mental performance as well as tips about what to do to tackle rising levels.
A graph offers deeper insight into CO2 changes over an extended period of time as well as showing you the maximum and minimum measurement of each session. You can also export the data as a .csv file for further analysis.