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co2go®: zuverlässige CO2-Ampel im Miniformat

eesy-innovation bringt den kleinsten und ersten messgenauen CO2-Sensor auf den Markt


The impact of heightened CO2 concentration

How does an increased CO2 concentration impact our health, well-being, and cognitive performance?


CO2 and its Influence on Our Well-Being

The fact that CO2 not only affects our environment, but also the health and well-being of each individual, becomes clear in this article.


CO2 and its Influence on Cognitive Performance

CO2 research has come a long way in recent years. Unfortunately, we still know far too little about the influence of the CO2 content in indoor air.


Infineon announces start of production of new CO2 sensors

The requirements for good air quality are on the rise especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in rising demand for sensors that measure the CO2 concentration in the air.


Inside Digital Review

"The German chip manufacturer Infineon has so far done little to distinguish itself in the end-customer business. Now the company - not alone - has launched a gadget that is supposed to contribute to general health as a small helper in the home office."


clivemaxfield Review: "How Much CO2 is in Your Home and Office?"

A couple of days ago, my chums at Infineon were kind enough to send me a CO2GO device, which was created by one of their partners. This bodacious beauty is a mobile CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) sensor that you can carry in your pocket and that you can use to quickly and easily test the quality of the air you are breathing.